When to visit

when to visit

One of the most frequently asked questions a Dentist receives is how often an adult needs to have their teeth cleaned. The answer is not always a simple one. The clearest answer is to follow the advice given by your specific dentist and dental hygienist. Most agree that visiting the dentist for a routine cleaning every 6 months is the best for your oral care.

Arguably the most important part about your visit is getting screened for gum disease, oral cancer or other diseases that begin in the mouth. A visit every 6 months will ensure that any signs of these disorders are discovered and can begin to receive treatment before the issue becomes serious. Even those who practice excellent oral care at home still need to regularly see their Dentist to receive these screenings.

Many Dentists recommend getting on a set schedule with all of your family members to visit together, planning future visits well in advance. This way you can be sure that each member of your family receives the dental care necessary to stay healthy.