The Pouch Problem

baby feeding


In the last few years there has been new products developed that is geared towards a more convenient way to feed baby and toddlers. Companies like Gerber and Earth’s Best are pureeing fruits and vegetables and selling them in pouches. These pouches are easy and quick for on-the-go parents, but are having a negative impact on children’s teeth.

When fruit is pureed it is reduced down and loses much of its fiber, leaving only sugars remaining. When this sugary fruit is being consumed through the pouch it allows for the substance to attach itself to little ones’ teeth and stay on the surface for long periods of time. This exposure is causing many children even younger than 2 years old to get cavities, and have an unhealthy mouth.

Although these pouches are quick and convenient, the poor effects they have on teeth clearly outweighs their usefulness. Parents are encouraged to mash up fruits and vegetables and spoon-feed it to their children instead. By eating off of a spoon the exposure of these sugars to the teeth is greatly minimized. Parents are also encouraged to brush their children’s teeth long before they need to go to the dentist, to ensure good oral health.