The Pepsi Problem



Most of us have probably heard over the years that drinking soda is bad for our teeth, but is this based on fact or simply a myth spread by mothers of the world? Lets investigate this further…


It has been proven that soft drinks are one of the leading causes of tooth decay. The sugars and acidic substances found in these drinks are proven to soften tooth enamel. (That is the hard outer layer of our teeth, that when lost cannot be regained.) When we lose our enamel that leads to cavities and more serious problems for our teeth, including loss of the tooth itself!


Here are some helpful hints to protect our teeth and our smiles.

  1. Substitute soda with beverages that contain less sugar like milk, water or 100% fruit juices. (Getting into this habit will benefit not only your teeth but also your overall physical health.)
  2. If you have to have that Diet Coke with lunch, rinse your mouth out afterwards with water to help remove leftover acids. This way you are preventing prolonged exposure on your teeth.
  3. Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride, this will help to strengthen your existing enamel so that you are less prone to cavities.
  4. This one seems obvious, but visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleaning. The professional fluoride treatments given will be the best lasting defenders on your teeth to combat the sugars and acids in sodas.


It may seem impossible to give up your soda habit but your teeth with thank you for it. Try slowly cutting down your intake and follow the 4 helpful hints above to minimize the damage done by soft drinks.