Strengthening Teeth

  As we age we naturally lose the protective coating over our teeth called enamel. Although it is difficult to gets these layers back, there are certain measures we can take to help strengthen our teeth and prevent further loss. 1)      Watch your diet. Foods high in sugars, acids and […]

The Pouch Problem

  In the last few years there has been new products developed that is geared towards a more convenient way to feed baby and toddlers. Companies like Gerber and Earth’s Best are pureeing fruits and vegetables and selling them in pouches. These pouches are easy and quick for on-the-go parents, […]

Flossing Facts

One of the single most important things we do for our teeth is probably one of the most hated as well. You all know what I’m talking about. The very same thing that we feel guilty about every time we visit the dentist. You guessed it, flossing. Flossing in between […]

Brushing for Baby

  For many parents, especially first timers, there are so many things to learn and remember to do for our babies. Brushing their teeth may fall lower on the list of things to do than it should. Getting good dental hygiene habits from the beginning will greatly benefit the life […]