Brushing for Baby

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For many parents, especially first timers, there are so many things to learn and remember to do for our babies. Brushing their teeth may fall lower on the list of things to do than it should. Getting good dental hygiene habits from the beginning will greatly benefit the life of your little ones teeth. So where to begin?

Brushing baby’s teeth should begin from that first sprouting of a pearly white. You should add brushing into your routine of caring for your little one twice a day. You can decide to either use water or a very small drop of children’s non-fluoride toothpaste. Choose either a cotton swab, fingerbrush, or a toothbrush with a soft head and soft bristles. Be sure to wipe both the outside and inside of the tooth, as well as wipe along the front of the tongue to freshen baby’s breath. If your little one is teething, gently rubbing their gums may provide them with temporary relief from their discomfort.

The purpose of baby teeth is to act as the placeholders for the adult teeth to grow in. Having good brushing habits in place long before the adult teeth appear will ensure your little one will be ready to care for their permanent teeth when they arrive.